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July 19th, 2010, 21:37
I think the biggest challange is with the outside of combat abilities…. how do you find many enough so that the 8 characters togheter cannot master all of them? Basically what I think I am going to do is for example hunting…. you have one character with hunting… ok so when the party rest you get some meat.. you have two.. well that's more meat…. you have a herbalist and an alchimist ok that's one potion… you have 2 herbalist and 2 alchimist… that's 2 potions.

You have an expert herbalist and an expert alchimist… well that's one powerful potion…..

I hate random encounters especially with 90% favor of the party… not going to happen.

About inventory acctually there are going to be:

The party group with characters….. and the backup group with the packmule, basically characters will not be able to carry so much, but they can pass things to the backup party with the packmule. This way if a character die in the main party you can also replace him with a character from the backup group. Of course there is nothing to guarantee that the evil enemies will not attemp to attack your backup group and steal your supplies
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