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July 20th, 2010, 15:51
So many interesting opinions, I love the feedback so far!

Well, wolfing you can have fewer characters if you want….. acctually I felt in FF-tactics that I always had too few characters… it is one of the reason I am considering 8.

Another reason is like someone mentioned there'll be some NPC characters and some player created characters…. if there is 6…. let us say there are two or three NPC characters…. that only allows 3 of your own characters which is a bit too few IMHO.

I kind of agree about the micromanagement but that also depends on how much micromanagement there is? wouldn't you say?

Let us say each character have 8 equipment slots and you don't get newer better equipment that often….. I don't think that creates so much overhead…… + healings etc could be automagic, I will acctually offer a choice… automagic or player controlled for several things that way people who like micromanagement can go wild.

Same for skills, when the party rest the best skills of a character will be automagicly used unless the character selects another one….. or do nothing….
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