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July 21st, 2010, 15:48
6 PCs really is a magic number I think. Think of all the classics: Wizardry 8, JA2, Gold Box, etc, etc.

I'd say I prefer party based games with 4-6 PCs. 3 is too few, 8 could work depending on the game play, variety of classes & skills and very importantly, the interface. Really the more the merrier if the game stays interesting and easy to manage. Though too many characters and they tend to blur together and lose their uniqueness. Like wolfing said, it dilutes my attention to each character.

I find I hate NPCs, even if they're 100% the character I would have created anyway, I don't like taking them along. Something about the feeling they're stealing my XP and might just leave at any time so I'm always hesitant to give them any decent equipment. Games like KotOR or Drakensang where it's you + NPCs, I never feel the same attachment to the characters.
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