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July 25th, 2010, 09:59
Okay, so I spent a LONG time deciding which faction to join. The first faction area I explored was Don's Camp and it got me thinking, "WTF? Who are these arrogant mages showing up out of no where and taking what they want and treating people like insignificant garbage?" Then as I explored Harbor town and talked to some of the mages or Order of Fire members, I started thinking "Well, apparently Don's faction are all corrupt extortionists including rutheless pirates, thugs, theives, and general criminals." Some of the robed ones I didn't particularly like, but others convinced me they truly had good intentions (despite any disagreements I might have with their methods). So, that latest line of thought in conjunction with my desire to use melee AND magic (like a paladin), has me leaning toward joining the mages at the monestary.

So I'm currently in Harbor Town. As mentioned previously, I've only mostly explored Don's Camp and Harbor Town so far in my game progress. I figured out how to leave Harbor town by climbing over the wall near the back entrance where I first got inside. The problem with that strategy is it costs another 100 gold every time I want to re-enter.

I don't enjoy leaving quests unfinished, which bring me to my main incentive for posting this thread. I'm sort of stuck on 6 quests. Well, I'm assuming 2 of them (the first two in the list below) require leaving the town to complete so if I'm correct then I'm only actually stuck on 4 quests. The six are as follows:

Everything that isn't nailed down
I'm assuming this is one of the two that is done outside the town (based on the quest description, this seems fairly obvious).

The sons of Tilda

I'm also assuming this is one that is done outside the town because I doubt all her sons went missing in the small town. With all of the exploring I've done, it seems likely that I would have found them by now.

Find the burglar's spy!

My quest log is extremely long for this quest. Reading it seems somewhat pointless. I feel confident Doyle had something to do with it because he is the only common denominator (the one person all 3 victims say were present the day of the burglary). However, I can't find Doyle anywhere anymore. I spoke to him earlier and I think that was in Patty's tavern, but haven't found him since. When I try speaking to the guard he doesn't give me any dialogue options. The last time I spoke to the guard I mentioned Doyle as a suspect but didn't have any proof, so the guard just basically told me to keep investigating. How do I complete this quest?

The map of the island

I am assuming there is some trigger or point in the chapter progression that unlocks this map. I have gone to the cartographer (make maker) at least 15 times over the course of what must have been about two weeks game time but everytime the NPC just tells me "No," when I ask if the map is ready yet. I don't need a spoiler to tell me exactly when I'll get it if it will be unlocked automatically later on. If there is something I'm supposed to do though, please share.

Patty wants to leave town

Patty isn't the only one that wants me to help escape. There are also the three brothers that I bought the gold bowls from. They are gathered together near the base of the lighthouse waiting for me to let them know how they can safely escape the town. I'm assuming I'll be able to help Patty and these three brothers out once I gain access to enter and exit the city at will. I thought carlos or whatever his name was (the guy in charge of Harbor District) would give me access to come and go as I please once I met him but that wasn't the case. I spoke to him and he just gave me the quest Peace and Order and a bunch of experience and gold for past deeds. Now I'm thinking maybe he will give me access to come and go after I complete the Peace and Order quest. The I think I'll be able to help Patty and the brothers escape the Harbor Town.

Peace and Order
I literally spoke to every single NPC numerous times in Harbor Town (at least every NPC I could find) and I am quite literally clueless on this quest. I think maybe I pissed off some NPCs that are supposed to offer my dialogue to progress the quest but won't because they don't like me. If this is the case, I can probably just use the Joke scroll on them to reset their attitude toward me, but I only have like 2 scrolls so I can't afford to just guess which NPCs require it. What exactly am I supposed to do for the quest Peace and Order? Am I supposed to just draw my sword and slay all of don's men in the Harbor town? None of them even give me any dialogue options.

So those are the quests I'm currently trying to complete. The most important two are probably "Find the burglar's spy!" and "Peace and Order." They are the two that have me the most clueless. I'd also like to know what I have to do in order to gain free access to come and go through Harbor town. Lastly, just as a side question, can I use the pieces of armor to craft armor? I handed them in for the order for quest credit and money and then just pickpocketed them back immediately afterward.

Thanks for all of the replies!
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