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July 25th, 2010, 19:22
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
This was all represented by simple text messages. And rolling dice. Nothing else.

Which means that even non-graphical displays of fightings can be interesting.
We have all played Fallout right. I loved the descriptions used in that game. The color in the descriptions added so much to fights. Granted descriptions of stuff exploding like blood sausages got old after a while but was still more gratifying than the visuals provided.

Regarding the AI, I prefer my AI to be top notch and devious as hell at max difficulty if possible. Its all play balancing but its no fun when I'm walking over all enemies without them putting up a proper fight. Its fine to have it pull punches at lower difficulty levels to keep the game fun for most but I would prefer a difficulty slider to allow me to remove that code from use.

I still enjoy playing Magic The Gathering from 1998 because its AI was fairly good and can still pull out combos that frustrate the hell out of me that I would expect from a human player. When given opportunity it knows to go after the Royal Assassin which has only 1 HP but can kill any creature on the board if given opportunity because its dangerous but it also knows not to expose itself to its attack unnecessarily.
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