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July 26th, 2010, 01:12
I think I just figured out how to do the Peace and Order quest. I saved the game and decided to try killing Cid just to see what would happen. It automatically made me join the Order and cancelled all of my current Don's Camp quests. So I think now I'm going to climb the wall and leave the Harbor town so I can do as many of Don's Camp quests without joining Don's faction for the experience/rewards, then return to Harbor town later to join the order. I don't agree with everything the order is doing but I'll try to find a way to set things right later in the game. Between Don's motive of gathering gold to resecure control of the island after the Order leaves and the Order trying to study the artifacts to save the island from destruction, I'm inclined to think the Order is the lesser of two evils here. I am a bit of a thief myself but the way I justify it is by telling myself I never steal anything vital to their survival and I need this stuff in order to succeed in my endevours to save the island. It isn't much different at all from the way the Order treats the natives of the island, except I'm nicer when interacting with people and I always make an effort to help people in need (finding beds, delivering potions, helping work, etc.)
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