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July 26th, 2010, 09:49
Okay, so up until just recently I had decided to join the Order so that I could use magic and melee, but after visiting the farm south of the monestary and being attacked without provocation and then being abducted by the NPC in front of the monestary entrance I've changed me mind. Those "white robes" have pissed me off. They can't possibly be good if they attack everyone they see who isn't one of them and force them into slavery--which is exactly what they appear to be doing. Instead, I've decided to join Don's camp and hopefully I can eventually kill all of the white robes or drive them off the island.

At any rate, I have a new question: I'm assuming it'll start the next chapter soon after officially joining a camp (i.e. Don's camp). I'm wondering, though, will all mobs across the map respawn at the start of a new chapter? If so I'd like to spend a lot of time exploring and leveling up off mobs before ending the current chapter. Also, do ore deposits respawn/regenerate also? In other words, can I mine from previously mined deposits in the next chapter? If there is a level cap and the mines are not mineable more than once (regardless of chapter), then I probably shouldn't worry too much about leveling and exploring prior to progressing to the next chapter. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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