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July 29th, 2010, 11:41
… a day for geeky stuff:

29/7=4.14 (approximately). Question 4.14 on the comp.lang.c FAQ is "How are integers converted to and from pointers?". So I declare this day as integer-conversion day.

Other things:

- 1947: ENIAC (the first general purpos electronic digitall computer) was turned on after having been moved to a new location in [email protected] With 100KHz Clock frequency (divider=20) and afaik <1K RAM, don't know about the GPU, you probably would need to upgrade a bit before running Dragon Age. Another issue for gamers is that it took a couple of days to terminate the running program and load a new one. Obviously it had no boss-key.

- 1958: NASA is established.

- 1987: Thatcher and Mitterand signed the agreement to build a tunnel under the English channel. Yay! Trains!! Eurostar!!!

One final (non geeky) thing:
- 1901: The Socialist Party of America was founded. And after that America was never the same again.

I'm sorry that I didn't find any Aussie stuff worth mentioning.




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