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August 2nd, 2010, 10:08
… yet another day.

216 BC: Carthaginian forces lead by Hannibal defeated a few Romans soldiers in southern Italy. Don't know for sure, but I seem to remember that he afterwards ate their liveres with some fava beans and a good Chianti.

1932: The positron is inv… eh discovered, leading to breakthroughs in PET scanning (which has nothing to do with cats and dogs) and robotics.

It turns out that the macedonians have been particularly active on this day.
338 BC: M. defeated a few greeks, ensuring M. supremacy in said country.
1903: Unsuccessful uprising against the Ottoman Empire
1944: Birth of the Socialist Republic of M.

1. Regarding Tom Lehrer and his piano playing. Strictly for those who didn't know, he used to cite reviews on the cover of his records. One of them, from the Oakland Tribune read: "Plays the piano acceptably".

2. He has been to Australia, if we are to believe his discography, which includes "Tom Lehrer discovers Australia" (only released in Australia)




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