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August 7th, 2010, 19:34
… 7th of August and only 2 days until I go back to work after 4 weeks of summer vacation.

1606: The first performance of "Macbeth" by whoever-impersonated-william-shakespeare. If there are any actors reading this, and you've seen Black Adder season 3, you know that you're now supposed to start a silly looking ritual.

1944: IBM officially presented it's "Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator", installed at Harward. It was a bit larger than the calculator you use today. Probably something like the size of the first IBM portable computer

1964: The worlds' oldest living tree (at least 4862 years old, and for some reason named "Promethevs") was cut down. Nobody knows exactly why (or perhaps somebody knows, but won't tell us). The night elves, the bosmer, the Sindar and the Silvans were not pleased.

1868: Ladislaus Bortkiewics was born, exactly 8 years before Mata Hari.




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