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August 11th, 2010, 03:34
If you are going to play it, I HIGHLY recommend the community mod that changes the dialogue to make it conform a little more to the series.

That said, I would skip it. I bought it new and could never get it to work on my PC. A few years back, I finally decided I should play it for the 'closure' factor. At first, it wasn't bad. True, it was not very much like the other Ultimas, but it had some redeeming values. The sunsets still are some of the best I have seen in a game.

But the game play and story were just awful. By the end, I was getting angry just forcing myself to finish it. I figured, at least there might be a payoff at the end and that would be ok. Not really. Loathed the ending too. At the end I had a really bad taste in my mouth. I literally would get angry just thinking about the game. I ended up loading up BG:tutu and playing through to the end of BG:ToB just to purge U9 from my memory.

Honestly, the Ultima 6 Project is what Ultima IX should have been.

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