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August 11th, 2010, 05:42
(Origin-itis, good word)

Man, what is their left to say about it? It sold 75k units total. It really is another first for the Ultima series in the fact that it was the first game to get so many complaints the forums were wiped.

There was a terrific website on it once showing some of the things you could do when it was bourqued, such as climbing your way to freedom from the Guardian's destruction.

This 3D U9 was actually the second crack at it. The first time they started work on it most of the devs were pulled off it to rush out Ultima Online.

One of Garriot's buddies revived interest in it at EA when he discovered what great framerates they could get on a Voodoo card - which turned out to be one of the downfalls of the game because 3dfx was out of business shortly after U9 was released.

But the game is beautiful, if you don't mind the lack of lip-sync. I was especially impressed by the lightning sword, the cleansing of the shrines, and especially Moonglow!

It was just a shame EA would never use those art assets again - seemed like a waste to discover they didn't plan to use them in UO2 or Ultima X.
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