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August 11th, 2010, 08:44
YESS… eh … yes.

Things happened today as well

3114 BC: The beginning of the mesoamerican long count calendar (which coincidentally ends, along with Earth, in 2012). An earlier version of said calendar exterminated the dinosaurs in 64977890 BC.

1492: Rodrigo Borgia was elected pope after Innocens VIII. Rodrigo, who took the pope name "Alexander VI" wasn't paricularly innocent, having 4-5 children outside marriage, who eventually were appointed this and that by their holy father. The Borgias (especially Cesare, appointet cardinal at the age of 18 - clever lad that one) had a tendency to assasinate people around them, among others the husbands/lovers of their sister Lucrezia. I compare the Borgias to the bacterial genus Clostridium which among others contains the species responsible for tetanus, gaseous gangrene, and I think C. botulinum still hold the record for producing the most toxic substance known to man: botulinum toxine (marketed as Botox).

1929: Babe Ruth hit 500 home runs in baseball, another one of the weird sports practiced in the US (and Australia?)

1934: Alcatraz (civilian version) opens. Among the first guests was Al Capone, who like Cesare B was (probably) responsible for an assasination or two.

1950: steve wozniAk was born.
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