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August 11th, 2010, 09:58
It was a fantastic game…. don't get me wrong but it looked 10 times better than anything else at the time and it was still eons ahead of its time, I had a lot of fun just exploring all the extremly beautiful locations… and I loved the labyrinth outside of the castle…. and you could build stairs of bread to reach the top of a tower.

Too bad it suffered from what almost every modern game do focus on technology not on gameplay/story. I still cannot deny I enjoyed it though.

+ It had lots of cool things… like if you got hit by the arrow it'd stay inside you… and you'd be bleeding. The fire sword which produced light on the beach. Climbing to mysterious locations…. lots of things to love about it… but it just wasn't well an Ultima in the sense of the earlier ones with a party and less focus on action + fantastic dialogue and story.
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