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August 11th, 2010, 10:23
A good sum up. I was one of those die hard Ultima fans who had played Ultima VII about 20 or 30 times. So I knew every little detail about Britannia, and BOY I was so pissed when almost everything of the past was lost. So many people who just had vanished and never ever mentioned again. The destruction of Britannia was just WAY too much. Most cities were just three or four buildings. Especially compared to my experiences with Daggerfall from that era, I really had hoped for larger cities. Most of them were just quickly patched together, and those lost zones which you could enter with a cheat, showed how much unready landmass was in the game.

I always felt releasing the game in the first version, this isometric view, would have been way better. It would have been released earlier and thus not have this "we must make it look like Tomb Raider" idea.

Tbh. I hate both plots. The idea to destroy Britannia sounds like a horrible idea to finish a 20 year legacy. But of course making the Guardian the Avatars evil side… it ruined everything the Avatar stood for, for so many years! God, I was so angered back then. My wish would have been that the continent of Britannia would have been restored to the way it was, and in my imagination I always thought this was the ending.

They lost the vision of what made up Ultima in so many ways. Even Ultima 8 showed that. Aww well… Britannia and the Avatar surely would have deserved a better tale.
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