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August 14th, 2010, 12:18
… (shorter of breath and) one day closer to death

1888: One of the first recordings of music is publicly played by T Edison's phonograph. It's called the "The Lost Chord".

1908: The first beauty concert is held in Folkestone, UK. To the music of How dare I be so beautiful (first 1 1/2 minute of the video) by Genesis.

1948: During a cricket match, Don Bradman makes a duck. Man, this sport never ceases to surprise me. What next? Badgers? Turtles? Poisoned pigeons and squirrels?

I can't find anything to say about the swedes today. Probably this particular day didn't exist over there. Oh, sorry, I was wrong: Robin Söderling was born today, approximately 26 years ago. I'm (of course) not sorry because he was born. I'm sorry for making the mistake about a non-existing swedish day. Which is not the same, in fact it's SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.





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