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August 15th, 2010, 04:50
You need to keep going, trust me it gets better!

I'm on Witcher act IV (second playthru), that act is probably one of the best gaming experiences of my semi-distinguished gamer career ='.'=

Dropping back into some older titles on my shelf. Installed AGe of Wonders - meh. It kinda sucks. If I had no other games of this type I'd give it a shot, but Disciples II is so superior in every respect. Shelving it and putting it up on Amazon.

Gave HOMM IV a shot - seems ok for this type of game, far more quality than AOW. Again tho, Disciples is more my speed. I'll keep it around for a rainy day, but it's definitely a snoozer.

Star Trek: Armada - Love it. I forgot how geekily cool this game is. Great old star trek RTS featuring the cast of next generation. Like Baldur's Gate or TOEE, I have to use older pc with older video drivers to play it tho. Good thing I have an older laptop w/ a Nvidia 6800 & drivers from 2002 for such an occasion.. There is a Star Trek Armada II, but havent gotten it. Anyone play that one?

Two Worlds - Good Lord of the Tigers, this is one of those games that come right out of the gate looking like a train wreck. The dialogue is hilarious, the models are funny looking, and the combat is clunky. Those very well may all be endearing traits when it's all said and done, like Gothic or something, but for now the game looks hilariously bad. Good thing I have a high tolerance for cheese, I even prefer it sometimes!

Codename Panzers: Phase One - Looks like a really cool a WW2 RTS. Installed it on my test bed pc since it has starforce, and I have to say just the half hour or so I put into the game going suicide into the enemy with a variety of German vehicles and infantry, eventually grabbing a howitzer from the enemy and shelling them out of a house they were hiding in, turned out to be suprisingly fun and well-rendered for a budget title (5.00 out of the bargain bin).

Next suicide mission is Dungeon Lords…..
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