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August 16th, 2010, 02:14
First of all, I'd like to point out a that temple of elemental evil had a possible party of up to 8 characters.

Second, I think that hardcoded number of party members should be unlimited, I don't see any logic why would someone not join your party if you already have x members. Perhaps there could be penalties for too large parties. Also depending on choices you make, some npc probably won't wish to join you.

Also as for party members, just thinking of classic mediaval roles in battles makes several possible roles for npc-s.

A infantry could probably be considered as a tank and there's nothing wrong with having two defensive tanks in a party. Light cavalry was primary used for flanking and chasing stragglers, something like a thief in most western rpg-s. Heavy cavalry were shock troopers and d&d barbarian class fits that type nicely. There were ofcourse skirmishers and ranged troops who's tasks were to soften up enemy. I often felt western rpg-s never made archers that effective, particularly at high levels. It would be nice to play a longbow sniper. Anyway those would be primary combat oriented characters/roles without even going into the spelcasters domain.
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