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August 18th, 2010, 00:34
A surprising interview from these two in the fact that it actually has meat!

It is odd to hear someone refer to the mid-90's as the early days of development. I can't think of another dev in the mid-90's that would hire you if you could draw a robot on a table napkin. That must have actually happened. That sounds more like an early-80's event, so it must have been in an early day in the life of Bio.

They mention there were "no MMO's" - true if 1995 but not true if they were trying to make a clone of Ultima Online.

The best part of the interview was the admission of how successful BG was without focus groups. Since after the release of NWN all their products have relied on that marketing technique they helped to develop, to the detriment of features that players would like to see.
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