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August 21st, 2010, 17:40
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so the moral of that story is yes i lothe the gothic 3 community patches and while i expect few to agree with that, as long as the pirahnas stay in business, people can mod all they want , since the pirahnas longevity proves they know what they are doing, though of course are not perfect.
I expect very few to agree with you because gothic3 was in horrible state still after the official patches. It wasn't a fun game to play due to unbalanced gameplay, horrible ai, broken gameplay mechanics and tons of bugs. Pb and jw released 2 or 3 patches but those only fixed the most glaring issues like memory leaks. They plugged a leaking dam while cp team rebuilt the whole dam. Luckily for us pb's groundwork was solid quality.

I read your rant many times over and still it makes very little sense to me. Modding is what kept g3 alive, modding is what made g3 almost a game that it was supposed to be. And modding still continues. Heck I'm quite positive that g3 sold few extra copies because of this cp-project. I just can't understand how can you loathe guys who whose work made so many gamers happy. No one is trying to steal pb's credits for creating gothic saga. Its just so unfortunate that they ran out of time with g3.

Besides these days modding is a gateway for people to get a job at the game industry. Surely some kind of degree is needed too, but a successfull mod project in your resume doesn't hurt either.
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