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August 25th, 2010, 12:11
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I haven't really been following the details closely but if people are annoyed and/or/if reviews are poor, didn't they bring this on themselves?

They deliberately forked the code on an "unfinished" version and sent that Gold, then quickly pushed a series of updates that didn't have the benefit of public beta testing.

Taking a step back, why did a self-publishing company that has proudly proclaimed they don't rely on game income (being profitable on WindowBlinds etc anyway) rush the date? Why not beta test the Day 0 code before release?

Taking a further step back, why do people who would scream at the idea of - for example - initial online verification applaud Stardock for a system that is, in practice, a quiet form of online initial verification?
Well, its un intrusive , and it only requires you to log in when you download the patch.

As for the game itself. I can see it getting bad reviews.
But I also see it growing into a classic after some patches and mods.

What I would done differently ?

I would sell the game for 20-30$ straight off.

It worked for Torchlight. And it works for Indy companies very good.
Games that lack polish (only a big companies can bring) usually go for reduced price. But they sell twice the copies they would sell with full price. So the profits are same.

But they have twice bigger user base. And better reviews
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