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August 25th, 2010, 16:24
The final release state is pretty much what I expected from the "beta" test releases: broken, buggy, unbalanced, unstable. Sigh.

What really hurts is that the quality has gone down with each patch. Argh! With 1.01 or 1.05 or whatever it was I was using last night the game crashes every few turns AT BEST and often several times a turn. Load, try something, crash. Load, do exactly the same thing, it works(!), then it crashes a moment later. I finally just gave up. They are just shoveling them out without testing because there's NO WAY you can test when shipping a release every day.

Now there is some hope because this has happened before like with Fallout 2 for those that can remember that far back. Albeit they broke things with patches more slowly. The question is will the users hang on like they did for Fallout 2 or abandon the game like they did for Darklands?
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