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August 26th, 2010, 23:19
@Fijau - oddly enough, our translation at the Vault is correct… and ofc was posted earlier

@Gorath - my bad here. On Aug 6 I posted the penultimate one, Dualwielding video (mailed out). The last exclusive one was on Aug 14/15 (mailed out as well).

We've had a whole 2month long weekly feature of which only a first video has made it through to you , despite being noticed and showcased at play.tm, n4g, etc..

The oddest thing is that mailed out things that are objectively quite cool and show fun, nice stuff about the game aren't newsed at all (?), while stuff that is non-original or non-exclusive (e.g. this video coverage) makes it through via user submissions… (There was no mailout for this as even though the comments and tidbits are from the Vault, videos themselves have been made available by a German fansite, Two-worlds.de.)
If there's a spamfilter involved, then there's little chance I'll be able to get through with our other upcoming exclusives. What you missed so far were a community contest, 9 original interviews, several translations and video frame-by-frame analyses and new first-on-the-Web databases for Two Worlds II. Perhaps I should switch mailouts to some other email (Please PM me if so; I also have Joost's mail though that's hardly for news stuff).
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