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August 27th, 2010, 00:13
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Did you find a mod that lets you increase the resolution while keeping everything the same scale? Otherwise, I don't see how you could possibly be using 1920x1080 for PS:T.
Sorry fo the late reply, forgot to check this thread.

I had problems with the text being much to small for that resolution in the begining, but once if fixed that, it works really great and looks great too.

tolknaz: I've never liked that the view was so close to the characters in PS:T.. most of the time i played on a 24", also played some on my TV (50"), both works great for that resolution imo.. i sit quite close to my 24" though hehe

Got stuck so i stopped playing. I think i was supposed to go the the Night Hag, but i had no clue what to do / where to go, i checked some guide but didnt really help me.. I might give it another shot at some point.. the gameplay itself (combat/quests) arent really that great, the story and characters though, wow. I love the design/graphics too, only the animations (too choppy) drags the graphics down..

These are the mods i used (copied from another forum, version numbers can be different).

"1. Official Patch 1.1 (ONLY for 4CD version)

2. All Inclusive Fixpacks ( 3 of them)

A-Planescape: Torment Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack (PST Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v3.02)
B-Planescape: Torment Unfinished Business (PST Unfinished Business v3.02)
C-Qwinn's Planescape: Torment Tweak Pack (Qwinn's PST Tweak Pack v3.51)

3.Widscreen MOD ( Widescreen MOD v2.2 By The BIGG )


4. If you have a widescreen monitor:

* Install Planescape: Torment User Interface MOD by GhostDog
( Planescape Torment User Interface By GhostDog v1.0 )

5. If you have a 4:3 monitor:

* Install 1024x768 UI pack BETA by "the vanished one
( 1024x768 UI pack BETA by the vanished one )"
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