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August 27th, 2010, 13:01
Hi Propheet,

Since I'm responsible for news, I should respond. I'm sorry if we've missed emails but I just don't have them. I check every mail we get and everything gets posted, unless it's outside of our purview or similar.

I don't check Two Worlds Vault because I check 63 different sites every day (unless time gets the better of me, which does sometimes happen) and I need to draw the line somewhere. I already check the Two Worlds II official site and the official forums. That said, I'll add Two Worlds Vault now.

You seem surprised we missed some things, even though they were covered by Play.tm and n4g…I don't check those, either - I already check enough other aggregators but the internet is a big place (Blue's, Shack, VE3D, Edge Online, VG247.com, EVOTab plus Worthplaying, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and others) and I would have posted if I saw your stuff there - I'm not trying to avoid it.

I can't help what readers submit - if they notice some things but not others, that's just the way it is.

Since I run all of my different email addresses through the same system, I'm not sure a different email address will help - but there must be some reason they aren't coming through. As I said, I'll add your site to my regular routine but if you send something in, perhaps you might consider PMing me the first couple of times and we can can double-check?

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