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August 30th, 2010, 19:29
Actually, another problem reared it's head and the game really started going south after I checked "speed up cursor in menus" or whatever in FPS optmizer… the game was freezing after leaving menus, or running badly. I completely disabled FPS optimizer, and the game started running like shit again. It was still acting weird in menus whether on or off. At this point, I was seriously tired of it.

I started thinking that the FPS optimizer, whether on or off, was affecting my game. It has an .ini file, maybe it made changes to the MW .ini file, who knows. That's the weakest link, that's the biggest overall change that I've made to the game. I didnt have the frame count going on early in my install, and I didnt use the program until about 5 hours in, so I couldnt gauge the programs effect on my initial game in early game Seyda Neen.

I deleted the optimizer, it's opt_ini file, and reinstalled the default morrowind.ini file (im not poring thru the entire thing) and the game runs great now. Full shadows, full rez, you name it. I still cap the frame rate at 60, and it stays pretty consistently there. I played for a few hours and all was well.

So, the moral of this story I suppose that I learned is to be careful w/ the "FPS Optimizer" program, it's a very powerful tool. Or in my case, just dont friggen use it ='.'=
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