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August 31st, 2010, 06:42
I had fun with Two Worlds. My minireview begun with "I could go on ranting what I did not like (about Two Worlds), but then I had to explain why I spent 13 days playing it, exploring almost every piece of the map."

I did explore about 75-90% of the map before rushing to the final fight to finish the game. It had many similarities to Gothic the way the world was crafted, but the balance was awful. I had a 99.50% combat efficiency with a mage, I only died 10 or so times near the beginning, then I finished the entire game using only 15 learning points put in fire magic. Loot was meaningless since monsters rarely got into close range anyway and I used no melee weapons.

I had maxed out firespell very early on, so almost everything dropped at range for me. I felt I only saw two monster types, either monsters could barely harm me, or monsters 1-hit killed me. Usually these two were placed in the same area. I could still kill the 1-hit monsters with only a few fireballs at range, so they were never that much of an issue. Eventually I begun using permanent potions and went from around 200hp to 1500 in a couple of minutes at which point I got pretty indestructable.

TW is smaller in content, less well written, far less balanced, but remind me about Gothic 3. The game is better than Forsaken Gods, definitely. All the content is there, with questfilled cities, an overarching quest line that brings you over the entire continent, a progressing main story etc, but also many large desolate areas with only scattered monsters. I say that if you beaten every other game of the type, nothing should stop you from trying TW out.
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