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August 31st, 2010, 09:35
Originally Posted by pox67 View Post
I am playing Two Worlds right now and that sounds like the same story. I am out to rescue my (only hot woman in the game…) sister and there is an NPC called Gandohar directing me around. I already suspect Gandohar is up to no good. Maybe I should just stab him in the face now and I don't need to play TW2
Yeah, the story really builds up suspense…


I found the game amusing enough. The trick was to not take it too seriously. It's a 3D free-form A-rpg somewhere between Oblivion and Diablo, and I like it better than both. Expecting a serious RPG will only lead to disappointment. Since I missed the hype (which I am told advertised the game as a more serious RPG) I didnt fall into that trap.

Balancing is just bad though. Since creature and PC damage output and HP can vary by a factor 100 or so you are likely to end up too powerful for various situations. Anyone with a basic grasp of maths could have predicted that
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