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September 2nd, 2010, 05:22
One of the greatest discoveries I've made in the past 4 years of making RPGs is that not everyone thinks of an RPG like you do.

For me, role-playing is all in my head. Some RPGs have essentially zero story (Dungeon Master, or any Rogue-like come to mind) but that never stopped me from thoroughly enjoying these games because as I developed my character…as he or she became more real to me…the more I got into the game. I never needed choice/consequence dialogs or a strong narrative to make an RPG enjoyable to me, and in fact I am often turned off when the storyline forces me away from playing the character how I want. I still haven't finished Dragon Age because I feel like it's not really an RPG…it's an interactive digital movie. I can't go anywhere and do anything…I have to follow their story which unfolds like a "choose your adventure" book. Same with The Witcher. This is boring for me.

So, Eschalon actually has a fairly deep story you can follow, but the game itself is more about the elements of role-playing that I enjoy: character development, exploration & plundering, and freedom from a forced linear storyline. There is simply no way that this kind of game is going to be enjoyable to every RPG fan, but that is okay. Eschalon isn't made for every RPG fan- just the ones looking for a break from the mainstream.
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