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September 2nd, 2010, 10:32
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
That makes perfect sense especially for expensive hyped games by big companies that need to cover their expenses on day 1. I'm just wondering though: wouldn't it be a much better idea for a smaller or indie company, that can't afford fancy marketing campaigns, to invest into something that will steadily gain support from 'word of mouth' (or its equivalent for internet forums) that would assure steady sales for an extensive time period?
I couldn't say, really.

I suspect that VAST majority of gamers who say "DRM = I won't buy" are full of shit.

They want to play a good game as much as anyone, so only a tiny minority will follow through - IF they can't pirate it.

I think the primary problem is that people will feel entitled to pirate the game, which is why it's vital to not have that option during the first couple of weeks.

Then again, most sales will be on consoles anyway. So, I think it's a minor issue overall.




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