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September 3rd, 2010, 13:37
Originally Posted by UK_John View Post
In Baldur's gate 2 you weren't told like in DA. Granted the game came with a map, but you didn't see places on the game map until you got close, and boy, once you got a new town or somewhere you had dozens of unrelated side quests. In DA all your quests were connected in a linear fashion, like persuade the blacksmith to make better armour, then the barrels to make a fire wall, and so on, all with a view to the one thing: The upcoming battle.

In BG1 and 2 you were told about a temple to the south southwest with an evil wizard, but you didn;t know where it was precisely, or what you may find on the way, or how strong the wizard was. And this was maybe one rumour you heard of a dozen or more that were added to your journal.

Some people just make such ignorant statements I find it unbelievable.
I know I'm feeding the troll here, but I have to point out that this is simply incorrect. In BG1 it works the way you describe. In BG2, however, it works exactly like in Dragon Age - you never "explore" the map, you walk in small zones untill someone shows you a new location on the map, making that location available. It also works that way in NWN2 (except in Storm of Zehir, the add-on).
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