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September 3rd, 2010, 16:09
I liked how DA brought back some tactical party combat to the genre. Only NWN2 and Drakensang have really done that in the last few years, and I found both lacking (NWN2 due to a horrid engine, Drakensang due to characters forgetting orders).

Originally Posted by Maylander
I know I'm feeding the troll here, but I have to point out that this is simply incorrect. In BG1 it works the way you describe. In BG2, however, it works exactly like in Dragon Age - you never "explore" the map, you walk in small zones untill someone shows you a new location on the map, making that location available. It also works that way in NWN2 (except in Storm of Zehir, the add-on).
Many indoor/underground BG2 maps had obstacles forcing you along a certain path too… The two dungeons with dragons in them spring to mind. BG2 did a very good job of hiding linearity by swamping you with a huge pile of sidequests, but underneath that it was fairly linear. Not that the linear core hurts much if you can maintain an illusion of an open world…

The completely linear Icewind Dales worked like that too (minus the swamping)

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Anyway, boosting up the exploration aspect surely wouldn´t hurt DA2.
Given the narration heavy approach to their games, I think that Bioware are conceptually quite on the right track with both Mass Effects and something akin to planetary exploration in these, in a more fleshed out state, would be nice have in DA2. Dev time is probably too short for this though.
While it would be sweet to combine their strengths with a completely open world, I'm not sure exploration would work all that well with Bioware's strengths, or that they even would know how to do it well.

I'm pretty much resigned to accepting that different devs have different strengths. If I want a hand-crafted world with interesting exploration I play a PB game, if I want a large sandbox I go for a Bethesda title (FO3 redeemed them to some extent), and if I want NPC banter, coherent story and cinematic presentation I turn to Bioware.
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