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September 6th, 2010, 18:02
got the Disciples III demo, and I have to say that i had a lot of fun w/ it. The graphical detail of the game is awesome, I really like the look and feel of the game, and it was just fun to play. I know it's gotten horrible reviews so far, and everyone "in the know" seems to be slamming it, but for a turn-based title to keep me interested it has to be doing somthing right. Worked for me, anyhow.

Morrowind, Morrowind, and more Morrowind. Thou art a cruel mistress indeed…

What have I spent, 25 or 30 some hours already into the Morrowind abyss w/ no end in sight? Didnt I just start??

I love this game! I got my girl hooked as well. The Tiger household is echoing w/ the telltale MW inventory management sounds, NPC chatter, and squawking Cliff Racers.

This is my first thief/assassin type character, and at first I went w/ one of the default. After a while, I determined that A.)they arent very well config'd B.)Ive played this game far too long to use them. So I made a custom class:
Doom Stalker
  • marksman
  • long blade
  • light armor
  • security
  • sneak
  • hand - to - hand
  • short blade
  • acrobatics
  • alteration
  • illusion

I have to say that I'm really pissed that you can no longer knock people down and rob them in the patched game. That really changes a lot of the get-the-item-from-the-unwilling quests, and not for the better. Totally screws up the fun and even the purpose of of using hand-to-hand combat. Booooooo! Hisssss!

Thieves are all about short blades so I thought I'd give them a shot. Now Ive never used a short blade in the game, and I have to say that after using them a while w/ my pre-character - I truly hate them. I hate their damage, I hate the thrust style of fighting w/ them, even the wakazishi style slash swords look retarded using them and they suck. I'll use a nice dagger once and awhile w/ a paralyze effect or something, but when the shit hits the fan I know what's going to get the job done right - long blades and bows. Give me a Dai-katana or similar 2-hander and a Daedric or bound bow and I'm set, that's all that I need.

I looked long and hard for some good armor for her, since the default armors in the game are not to my liking at all. There wasnt a whole lot of custom light female armor that wasnt a breast-fest (not that I dont enjoy a good breast-fest once and a while) and I came up w/ some very well-done "ninja" armors. They dont really look ninja, but I love the look and they fit my character's assassin role quite well, and the set comes w/ several different colors. The screenshot on that page is inaccurate btw, this is a total re-do of that mod. It's a hood not a mask, there's sleeves to use, and the colors are different. The default stats kinda suck, but if you know how to use the toolset you can take care of that. I personally gave them equivalent stats to Dark Brotherhood armor, i thought that was fair and not OP at all. Message me if you want my tweaked plugin.

Mods I'm using are (i'm paraphrasing) better bodies, better faces, replaced hi-res textures, better clothes, disable launch movies, no glow for enchanted items, gathered herbs straight to inventory. That last one, in my opinion, is definitely essential as it makes gathering herbs quick and efficient. If youre into that sort of thing.

I've tried both Lady Death and Kendra companions and well… meh. Seriously, I just dont like a companion in MW. Nice idea, and probably good if youve got a really weak character and need support. Just not for me
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