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September 7th, 2010, 15:02
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Really? I found the classes far too boring. That's why I rate TQ so highly - the classes (and combinations) are a lot of fun. I find the actual gameplay in most hack'n slash games fairly boring, so it's all about loot/character development for me.
The thing about the original Diablo was that it was a new experience altogether. It had absolutely superb production values, and certainly to me - no game has re-created quite the same thing.

Diablo 2 is vastly superior as a game, but since its basically retreading the same ground, it's hard for me to muster the same level of enthusiasm.

Diablo also had the gothic atmosphere down to a tee, and the idea of descending ever downwards, was more focused and interesting to me, than the wasteful overland areas of the sequel.

That's why I think Hellgate is better than the other clones, because it created a new experience as well. I've never played a more visceral and adrenaline-pumping action RPG. I really liked some of their innovations, such as context-specific music that became more intense according to what was happening on screen.

Too bad it was such a messy launch, because I honestly believe it had the potential to be the ultimate action RPG, given some months of additional work.




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