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September 8th, 2010, 17:31
It's very short, I explored every corner of every area and it only took me 90 minutes to complete. It's also very easy, I played it on nightmare difficulty without even comming close to having one of my characters dying. And that's in a party without a tank character. The party members are pretty good though, voice acting and script wise.

The area's themselves are all recycled, although they are brought on a satisfying manner. This DLC is supposed to be final chapter to be told about our Warden and the implementation really reflects that. It's like a revisit of old battlefields who have moved on after a war. You retrace your steps of (slightly) touched up old content until you meet up with Morrigan.

That however, is something else entirely. Apart from having the bug, she doesn't reveal anything. The only thing that's (slightly) meaningful is that she says there's a storm comming and that's it. No revelations, nothing. You can bring some sort of closure to your Warden's story though, but even that avenu is an open ending.

Overall I'd rate it 6/10, especially for its price. It is nothing compaired to Leliana's DLC.
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