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September 8th, 2010, 23:24
Originally Posted by DaMastaHeroKilla View Post
RPG's stand for Role Playing Game meaning you are not a one man army going to save the world. It takes a team effort. Each and everyone should compliment and finesse the other's style.
RPG stand fore Role Playing Games, as in "you play a Role, in a Game", it don't stand fore Party Based Combat? It don't mather how many you control, if we define RPG after you, The Witcher and Gotich wont be RPGs.

As fore you question, I don't use that tatic. I prefer to have my tank go head on, gaining aggro, one archer as damage dealer, one mage to take out enemy mages and other nastys, and one random damage dealer (any class).
(Sorry fore the gramma, are Danish)
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