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September 8th, 2010, 23:27
I really don't understand how you got to "team based tactics are what defines RPGs" from "RPGs stand for Role Playing Games". In my opinion, combat (altogether) is not at all mandatory in a Role-Playing Game. The way I see it, any game that allows you to influence the way your character(s) evolve through the plot, both in terms of statistics (meant to reflect their "personality", their talents etc.), and, much, much more importantly, how they react to the world around them (thus really playing the role of your character(s) as you see fit), qualifies as an RPG.

P.S.: As for your question regarding tactics, I'm not sure you're being serious. Isn't adaptability the very essence of "tactics"? Trying to determine one generic tactic, regardless of the conditions specific to each encounter, kind of defeat the purpose, I think.
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