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September 9th, 2010, 05:29
To be honest, about half the time I don't get past stage 3 or 4 myself. As much as I like to consider myself a retrogamer and look through the ol' rose-colored glasses at the games of my youth, the fact is that many of 'em really weren't that good to begin with. Just like today, 90% of everything was crap. But then you get those gems that really do shine, in spite of the years.

The latest one to really hook me was Heroes of Might & Magic III. I'd heard so much about it, finally picked it up, suffered through the first three stages, and then - bam. Addicted. That's an awesome game.

It's a little easier with games I've already played in the past - those old friends are easier to become re-acquainted with. I recently started re-playing Eye of the Beholder II. I am still a little rusty, but some of it came back to me.
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