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September 9th, 2010, 11:24
Well, there are games from the past that are completely unsurpassed in their specific genre/subgenre, like:

System Shock
Master of Magic
Master of Orion 2
Ultima Underworld

They will almost always "work for me", if I'm in the mood to go back in time. Sometimes I have the energy or mindset that allows me to look past dated visuals, but it depends on several things.

That said, the majority of old games HAVE been surpassed, overall, by later titles - and I don't think we had anything like, say, Gothic in the old days. Another example would be Civilization - where each iteration tends to improve upon the past. I see no reason to go back in time to "relive" outdated gameplay or experiences, for that.

So, I can't go "back" and play games that suffer too much from lack of modern standards, and that has less to do with visual aesthetics, than it has to do with gameplay mechanics or evolution.

That said, most stories in the past appealed to me more - but they were also presented in an archaic fashion. In that way, I'd rather just read a book or watch a movie, if I'm to enjoy a good story. There are more great books out there than I will ever find the time to read, anyway.

That's probably why I don't understand people who get "too" nostalgic, and overrate the past - because I often consider it somewhat of an illusion.




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