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September 9th, 2010, 12:39
It also depends on the game in question, just like movies. I can easily watch and enjoy a movie like Casablanca where the story and the characters are important and the presentation is secondary. On the other hand, I just can't watch a movie like the original King Kong as anything other than a curiosity because the special effects are so outdated yet play such an important role in the movie.

Last year I played through Might & Magic 9 for the first time and the first hour and a half it was just horrible to look at, but then I realized the gameplay was the same as the previous games and I quickly went past stage 3.

I seldom retro-game titles that I haven't played at the time of its prime, but even though the old graphics often are too old for me to enjoy, it is usually the old gameplay mechanics (or lack thereof) that finally turns me off. It is true that they don't make games like they used to, but for me that is a good thing in many case. Proper quest logs, automaps, and stuff like that has now become something I'm loathe to do without … but too each their own.
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