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September 9th, 2010, 21:56
Planescape: Torment is a story driven crpg of the so called "Nameless One" that takes place in Sigill - the center of the AD&D-Multiverse. The game has memorable NPCs like

Morte, the floating skull,
Dak'kon, a githzerai,
Nordom, a modron disconnected from its species' hive mind,
Fall-From-Grace is a succubus-proprietress of the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts,
Vhailor an animated suit of armor,
Ignus, a pyromaniacal mage,
Annah-of-the-Shadows, a young and brash thief and tiefling.

Your main character - The Nameless One - has one main quest: "Who am I and why I am immortal ?" - he has to travel through Sigill, through planes, through his own mind and past existences to find answers.

The game is not combat heavy, there are some interesting factions in the game and a lot of dialog; in fact the game is like an interactive novel. Many quests can be solved by asking the right questions and giving the right answers at the right time.

If you're searching for an unique crpg with many new ideas, lots of dialog, non-standard races, interesting party interaction and a cool story - here's your game.
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