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September 15th, 2010, 08:19

I must have yawned or been very tired since I hardly remember anything from it ( and I finished it yesterday)

I didn't buy the other dlc, ostagar, leliana golems but after this im not so sure.

I enjoyed dragon age very much, but im very happy that I took the advice from these boards to play ME2 before awakenings (which I still haven't played).

Im not going to post spoilers, I played rather sloppy so I might have to blame my self a bit but it still felt underwhelming.

One of my grievances is that it wasn't connected to the original story.
All of a sudden you are just walking around in the woods with your dog with very little introduction. ( Not that i mind walking around in the woods, especially since I spent this summer nailed at home with an infant and a toddler, my trangia cries).

What is the point of DLC?
Should they expand the storyline or be separate adventures?
I must say that I prefer if they connect with the main game as seamslessly as possible. When playing Overlord in ME2 It felt as if it was a part of the main game.

I'm tired and ranting, should start working.

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