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September 15th, 2010, 11:08
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
Somehow the Witcher being a bit trashy at moments made me feel it was indeed more 'mature' than most games - especially since the general idea of maturity in mainstream games seems to simply translate to 'bucketloads of bloody blood all over the bloody place' while all the mature people I know still laugh to dirty jokes.
I agree completely. Yes, I think the sex in the Witcher was a little on the gratuitous side, but that's only because there's so few games that portray it like that game and as such it stood out for it. I think the Witcher, in my eyes, portrayed it as realistic and something people aren't hung up about.

Sex might be like breathing in the world of the Witcher, so in that world it might not be a big deal - Why is it for us? It's a game set in a fictional world, a world with their social views, not ours.

It's not like Geralt bullied women into sex, is it? At the point I'm at in the first game, all the women have offered themselves somewhat willingly, either giving it to Geralt as a reward for helping them out or saving their lives or as part of the "natural" story progression.
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