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September 15th, 2010, 14:07
Originally Posted by fijau View Post
ůso, instead of showing her tits they'll her butt? Butt IS less sexual
What I gathered from the interview is that they've looked into (or carried through with it) changing how she looks and how it's directed so that it's less "titillating". I think the key phrase was something like "We want it to look like Geralt doesn't want to have sex with her". I think that when it's put like that, you can kinda see why CDPR changed it. I recently did a quest in Vizima on TW:EE where I saved a Half-Elf from being beaten and, I assume, raped. She rewarded Geralt with sex. I think what they're trying to do is avoid that being the conclusion in this instance.

@Alrik; I think Dark & Gritty can be done well. In Dragon Age, it was done terribly. It was excessively bloody for no reason. Kill someone, shower of blood. Kill someone else, shower of blood. Kill another enemy and their head flies off (I think). It just got really boring after watching your character wade through a sea of blood.

I think where the Witcher does it right is more about the world and the story telling rather than the actions. There's humour in it (And if you play with English voice overs, a lot of unintentional hilarity), but it really is a "mature" world, unlike the psuedo-D&G worlds of games like Dragon Age and Gears of War.
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