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September 17th, 2010, 02:22
Played it and built some missions. It's pretty good! (And I'm still playing. 75 months now? Something like that.)

What you can do:
  • Edit any and all text. The mission description, the things the enemies say, the names of the enemies, names of allies, all that stuff.
  • Pick your map. Almost all mission maps are available though a few really special ones need to be unlocked. (Unlocking them is pretty easy.)
  • Pick your enemies. You can pick any enemy in the game and they will give full xp. You can also create your own enemies using City of Heroes downright legendary character creation. Power choice is a bit different. Minions, for instance, aren't allowed higher powers. XP for custom enemies depends on what powers you give them.
  • Pick the mission type. Are you rescuing somebody? Clicking on objectives? Are you going to give the player allies? Ambushes? Allies that turn coat?

It's pretty powerful and yeah, it was abused horribly at launch. There were bunches of loopholes people used to get amazing xp with little work. People were getting all the way to the level cap in a couple of days without ever leaving the Atlas Park starting zone. But the loopholes were pretty well plugged. Now the main problem is finding something good in the sea of junk. Well, no, that's not true - the problem is getting everybody to realize that MY stuff is far superior to anything any of those other jokers have made.

P.S. Mental Maiden made a couple of videos poking fun at the people using the system to power level. There's some cussing but they are otherwise safe for work. Episode 1 and Episode 2.
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