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Default Trouble with assigning keys, etc.

September 20th, 2010, 15:47
1) 'Sneak' does not work. I press the ctrl key and nothing changes. Is this because I just started and have not found a trainer? Is this also the 'crouch' key or isn't there one for that? Because if it is, then that should be working.
2) *No* key change works. I can't assign a different key to anything. I double click and it asks me which key I'd like to use and I type in a key… For example, I assigned 'Look back' to the letter X. Back in the game when I hit X nothing happens.
3) I like to play these games with the Y axis inverted. I changed that so it is… problem is, when ever I quit and then re-load the game later it is *not* inverted. Really strange thing is if I go to change it again it already says it is inverted and then when I go back to the game, it *is* indeed inverted - without me doing anything but clicking on the Game Options screen . A minor problem to be sure, but definitely strange.
4) Assuming I can get the 'Assigning Keys' thing working, what does the 'use 0, use 1', use 2' thing do? Is there an example of how these keys are used?

I'm using patch 1.1, I have a powerful computer (for a change) and I'm a long time Gothic fan. Any help w/b greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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