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September 23rd, 2010, 12:34

well, I do know tht I'm THAT late

But I'll write down what I find, regardless.

First - it's called the age of the dragon(s) But so far (I haven't started the game yet) I cannot find any hints towards that in the game.

Second - the handbook doesn't exactl describe all points of the menu. It just seems to jump to and fro from character classes, feats, stats etc. descrption with a few menu options (like game difficulty) embedded within these.

So, I still don't understand what "plot support" actually means.

Third, there's an imho really bad part from the handbook.

You'd imagine this would be a carefully translated game into international languages ? Bioware is capable of that, and EA has the money for that.

So now read this (translated by me) :


If you are playing in English, all of the descriptions of the keys are related to North America Keyboards.

If you don't use a North American Keyboard, then it can be that the game refers to other keys than stated.
For example the key for the batle tactics (the "\" key in North America) die "#"-key which is located left next to the Enter-key.
Okay, what does this mean ? It means basically nothing but "we were too lazy to properly adapt all of the keyboard descriptions and layouts to international keyboards ( = Non- North American Keyboards). Everyone is playing with North American Keyboards, so why should we care ?"

This is - in my opinion - simply bad behaviour against international customers.

To show what effect this has on me, I'll try it the other way round :


If you are playing in French, all of the descriptions of the keys are related to French Keyboards.

If you don't use a French Keyboard, then it can be that the game refers to other keys than stated.

Background :

For example we here in Germany just don't hve a stand-alone key with \ on it.
We here in Germany can ONLY access the \ character with pressing ALT + CTRL + the key labelled on German keyboards as "", which is a common letter called a "sharp s" here in Germany.
Fortunately, someone once invented the AltGr key, which makes things much shorter. Now, we Germans only need to press AltGr + "" , and then we get "\" .

The actual KEY which has on "North American Keyboard" the \ character, is on German keyboards the key having the "#" on it.
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