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September 24th, 2010, 01:54
As I said Iīm not that that far ahead in the games for example I havenīt got my own spaceship in precursors yet although I can see that the main quest-line is going there

The first world is a run down town with some strange mysteries situated in a desert valley somewhat Mos Eisleyish.
Sofar the town have been safe while the desert is crawling with rather unfriendly creatures everything seems to be handplaced although the enemies probably respawn
Thereīs a faction system which tracks your standing so far I havenīt made contact with all the factions at least not the alien ones
You can drive sand-buggys and some kind of flying thing that reminds of the thopters from dune
They have eschewed the skill-system from boiling point in favor of a perk system where you choose one perk every level

The translations are "babelfishy" often they are okey if somewhat strange at other times completly confounding on the other hand if you can read my english it should be bearable

PS. For those that didnīt know the gamesystem is identical between WG and P itīs only the setting that is different
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