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September 24th, 2010, 15:24
I just survived a crypt that I had no business being in. Tough skeletons, ghosts and liches plus a mini-boss that I'm sure will be mentioned in a quest sometime in the near future (It had a name). I love finishing quests before I'm even given them

It took everything I owned to survive. I used almost every potion, scroll and switched weapons tons of times from ranged staff weapons to melee just to kill these things.

The reason I mentioned this is because I had more fun in the hour it took me to go through that tiny crypt (4 or 5 chambers) than I did throughout all of Oblivion and I was rewarded for my troubles. I got a nice sword and a few constant effect items. Nothing overpowering mind you, but definatly better than what I had on before I went in.

This is exactly why I love Gothic over Oblivion. It throws challenges at you and rewards you for taking them on. If this was the normal version of Oblivion I would of come across some low level skeletons and found some junk at the end of this crypt.
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