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September 25th, 2010, 12:25
I have to agree with GBG - there's a difference in how games are played and what sources of information are used, not a difference in terms of intelligence. They are quite capable of reading a manual, but simply not used to it as the internet is usually the first and last source of information for a student or pupil today.

Also, new gamers are used to games that are intuitive - if they're not, the game is not up to par, and they'll play something else. Unlike us, they've never experienced a time where we only got a few good games per year, so we had to invest a lot of time into each game. Spending a day learning the mechanics of a game is no problem if you're going to spend the next two months playing the game, but if the game only lasts two days you can't spend one of them learning how it works.

As an example: I remember playing games like Transport Tycoon and Civilization 2 for months. In such cases, learning curves hardly mean anything.
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